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Jan. 25th, 2006 @ 12:05 pm College Essay - Criticize Away!
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Date:January 26th, 2006 06:00 am (UTC)
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Many teenagers at my school arrive in their Mercedeses and Cadillacs; gifts given to them just for turning sixteen. I, on the other hand, arrive in my 1997 Ford Taurus that took me the entire summer of my sophomore year to afford. While there a few teenagers who understand the annoyance of having to ride with friends until they are able to save enough to afford their own vehicle, I feel that most teenagers today do not understand the value of a dollar. They spend their parent’s money frivolously expecting everything to simply be handed to them.
When I first entered Driver's Education, it was agreed that I would pay for my own car insurance and gas. This made a job mandatory. In the beginning, I didn’t care for the idea, but after receiving my first paycheck it wasn’t quite as bad.
It took quite a few paychecks to afford my Taurus, but after saving all of my money, I felt a sense of pride. Having a job has taught me time and money management, and more importantly, self support and the feeling of accomplishment that accompanies it. Those aren’t things that your parents can hand you, and neither is experience.
By having a job, I have come to understand material worth and not to take what I have for granted. It is not only a source of income but an experience that has shaped me into an all around better person and has taught me to set goals and to handle responsibilities. Teenagers could be given more respect if they did something to earn it. If more teenagers learn to develop their skills now, it can only provide more opportunities for those skills to flourish in their adult lives.
I have worked very hard for many of the things I have, not only my car. And while it isn’t exactly what most people would call luxurious, I wouldn’t trade it for a Mercedes in a million years. It’s worth more than that to me because of the hard work it represents.